The GCC eGovernment Conference aims to provide a platform for eGovernment GCC leaders to discuss the various aspects of the eGovernment programs in these nations. Such platform empowers them to share and benefit from each other's experiences and enhance their respective eTransformation processes. The GCC stands on a common goal to enhance their eServices, increase productivity and efficiency of governments as well as improve its ranking in the global eGovernment surveys. The event is one of the most essential initiatives to all the eGovernment agencies in the GCC as the conference enables them to acquire new innovative approaches in dealing with citizens and offer conveniently easy as well as prompt government services to save time and effort.

Objective of the Conference

The conference aims at enhancing experiences and expertise amongst officials, decision-makers and experts within the GCC eGovernment program so as to speed-up the eTransformation process and upgrade the level of presented government services. Along with achieving the highest standards of quality, raising the indices of government performances on a global level as well as shifting it in the ranks of advanced countries.

Topics and Papers:

  • Justice Portal
  • Big Data between the Notion and Technique
  • GCC ePortal: Integration of Environmental Information to Support Regional Decision-Making
  • Online Social Loan
  • Mawared Program
  • Discover the Benefits of Government Shared Services
  • Smart Data: National Data Guide
  • Social Media Intelligence (Case study from a government organization): Omani Shura and Participation through eChannels
  • Dubai Smart Training Initiative
  • Smart Cloud of UAE Government