Brig. Al-Ansari: 19 unified services, e-government centers across the country

23 March 2015

Brigadier Abdulla Ahmed Al Ansari, Director of the Unified Services Department of the General Directorate of Boarders, Passports and Expatriate Affairs in the Ministry of Interior said the number of service centers, with 2 new centers recently opened in the Pearl and Tower 2022, has reached 19 as of to date. The service centers, according to him, provide services to residents and citizens through a network that covers all parts of the country, clarifying that the department oversees performance of these centers, monitors service levels and intervenes to improve it as necessary. He pointed out that the services provided include all types of entry visa, renewal, transfer, modification and cancellation of residence permits, issuing IDs for expatriates, company IDs, travel documents for citizens, exit permits for expatriates, and issuing and re-issuing passports.