New Electronic Verefication System for Healthcare Practitioner Documents

08 March 2015

"Al Sharq" learnt that the Qatari Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) has launched a new electronic system dubbed "Employer Portal" or "EP" to verify documents of healthcare practitioners through the accrediting firm for primary source verification. QCHP asserted that the new system comes within the efforts of QCHP's Registration and Licensing Department to improve services and facilitate and speed up licensing and registration procedures in order to cope increased demand in applications for verification of healthcare practitioners who wish to be licensed to practice in Qatar. QCHP clarified that the new system enables healthcare facilities to apply for verification of healthcare practitioner documents. Additionally, the system has a feature that permits healthcare facilities to create their own accounts which enables them to submit one verification application for a group of healthcare practitioners who work or intend to work for those facilities, make online payment in bulk and follow-up on the applications. The old system known as "Healthcare Practitioner Portal" allowed healthcare practitioners only to create individual accounts for themselves and subsequently to apply for verification of their own documents. QCHP emphasized that the new system is part of its endeavors to increase customer satisfaction, simplify processes and save time and effort for healthcare facilities by allowing submission of verification applications in bulk, making on line payments and simplifying follow-up on applications. Source: Al Sharq Newspaper