Seven Traffic Services Go Online

28 March 2016

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) is offering seven traffic-related services online from next month in an attempt to simplify as well as speed up procedures. Lt Colonel Jamal Mohammed al-Shraim, assistant director of the Traffic and Road Safety Engineering Department of the General Directorate of Traffic at MoI, said the services include request for street closure, use of parking space, request for private parking, vehicle stickers, commercial license and construction/ removal of speed humps. According to Shraim, the new services are part of MoI's efforts to switch to paperless transactions. From February, companies can submit their requests to the traffic department on MoI's website as well as on the Hukoomi portal. He said the Information Systems Department will facilitate the conduct of these transactions electronically. Captain Engineer Mohammed Misfer al-Hajiri, head of the traffic planning section of the Traffic and Road Safety Engineering Department, said more e-services will be launched in the next six months. These include services for people with disabilities and truck permits. "From the beginning of next month, use of paper will be stopped and companies will be able to request services only online. It is much easier for individuals to submit requests online than by visiting the department," he said. He said some steps have to be taken to avail of these services, including activation of the smart ID card, getting a smart ID card reader from approved shops listed on the website and registration for Metrash service. These services can be best accessed on browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Explorer 8 along with downloading Java plugin software version 7.0 and later versions.